Pink Saturday

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I made a trip to Terrace yesterday, the roadside was so beautiful with flowers and trees I decided to take a few pictures with my SMALL camera!!!! Hope you can get a glimpse of the beauty here.......
Lacy gigantic ferns graced the sides of the road all the way.....
USK tiny church and there is a ferry that goes across the river......Click

i stopped at a antique shop and found this. $150.00, althought this is not a flower! in a sense it is, as we used to use one as kids at home in the old days with two metal tubs filled with rinse water. I remember getting my hand caught in the wringers but fortunately mom was close by and unlocked the wringers. There were enough towels in the wringer to create a space.

A land slide where the whole side of the mountain was washed away by a small creek running thru the bottom. A tradgedy occurred with two in a car. A memorial was set up for them. these pictures were unable to cast the vastness of the slide.

Skeena River and a creek coming into it.....
Field of mixed flowers.....

These were the prettiest purple blue flowers you ever saw, my close up didn't turn out but hopefully you can click on the picture to see.....
Indian Paint Brushes and not pictured are Skunk Cabbages everywhere....

These are not wild but do grow in my garden and are the salad material i am going to have for the next two days!!! Mixture of Kale, parsley, spinache and lambs quarters. Then I will squeeze a fresh lime, put in some sliced oranges and strawberries and sprinkle some sunflower seeds and there you have a wonderful fully balanced meal.
this is Betty house and always she has a sheet or a blanket out on the line......just like home!!!
Here is a knarled old tree that is ancient and broken and twisted but looks very elegant among the willows and lilacs.....
That is it for the ride, am home again and back to the routine of unpacking groceries and things. I bought a pink towel with white polka dots for when my granddaughters come because we all like pink.....

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