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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Come over to SHOW AND TELL
Everyone has a hope chest and I am sure that is what she (MOM) had in mind when she made these blankets. I have two of them that she made out of flour sacks. Then they came in printed material too. This quilt is a butterfly design and the other is bow tie not pictured! They are probably about sixty years old.
This one she had copied designs out of old coloring books and copied it onto the flour sacks, then embroidered and colored the design with i think she used crayons!. I later finished it into blocks and put a little frill and ribbon around the edge.
When she got older the quilts got more elaborate and here is one she made a couple years or so before she passed away.
And this is one of the first ones i made as it was easy to put all the different pieces together to make a crazy quilt with lots of lace and hearts. This is my favorite blanket that I cuddle up on the steps to enjoy the outdoors , or the fire outside. This one I am going to try and do I have some material already, it is just getting down to it that is the question. I am one of those persons who sits and dreams about it and looks at the pictures and thinks I have done the quilt already!!!!!!! saves money...hahha A box I made as a kid, had given it to mom and she kept it thru all these years and here it is again. My granddaughter likes to peek in here every time she comes over so I make sure it has combs, lipstick, brush and buttons and things in it. It is one of the first places she goes to when she thinks we are not looking!!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts! I like the third (with roses) the best. thanks for sharing!


Hootin' Anni said...

Beautiful work...great heirlooms. I loved my time here for your show n tell!!

lila said...

I love quilts...seeing them making shem sharing them!

I have made the quilt like the one with the green lattice and roses, too! I'm giving my brother a quilt for his 'bday, today!
Thanks for coming by my blog!
("Three cups of tea" was the better book...though Kite Runner was very good!)

A Hint of Home said...

They are all very pretty. I love the butterfly one.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts.

Constance said...

Beautiful quilts! I love the history behond them. I'm not a quilter but I imagine how lovely this one or that one would look if I made some sort of an attempt at it. My Best friend is an amazing quilter, I love going to fabric stores with her as the lightbulb goes off in her head and she envsions her next project!

Your grand-daughter will be able to post a S&T of her own down the road because of special memories of being at your house!


Timalee said...

I love looking at old quilts, thanks for sharing yours. Have a great weekend!

Penless Thoughts said...

I loved the story about the quilts your mom made. How much work in just getting the squares ready. The box is adorable.

Mam and Lizi said...

Those quilts are wonderful.

JoyceAnn said...

The quilts are beautiful , such wonderful treasures. I really like the coloring book pages quilt , truly unique.
Thanks for visiting my Create Everyday 2008 blog. I started that blog as part of a challenge for 2008 , to try to be creative everyday.
I have posted the recipe for red clover rice on my regular blog , please popover and check it out.

Nice to meet you , will visit again soon.

~ Blessings ~ JoyceAnn

JoyceAnn said...

Feather Spirits is were the red clover rice recipe is posted.

Love Bears All Things said...

Thank you for sharing these pieces that your Mom made. My mother used to make sheets for the beds out of flour sacks. I don't think I slept of store bought until I was married unless it was on overnights at someone's house.
My next quilt class is going to be a crazy quilt class. I've always liked them. I think I'll use some old ties in it and maybe an old gown of Mother's.
Mama Bear

Barbara H. said...

Oh my -- gorgeous!! I admire her creativity, not just in quilting, but in copying the designs of that second one. But I just adore that one with the pink rose fabric and what looks like green lattice work.

I do a lot more dreaming than actual sewing/crafting, too. :-)

Julie said...


I am so glad you commented on my lilacs post. Now I have found another lovely blog. You must be a friend -as I am - of Kelli. I can tell because of the Show and Tell button.

Tammy said...

Such beautiful quilts...and so wonderful too because of their history!

Kelli said...

Such beautiful quilts! I love how your mom copied pictures from a coloring book and then embroidered neat!

Emily said...

Beautiful quilts! It's amazing what you can find going through old things! Love the quilts!! Thanks for sharing!

Join me every weekend for "Weekend Decorating" on my blog: if you would like to. Hope to see you there!

Have a great night!

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