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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lilacs at Last!!!

Many years ago I planted lilacs around a tree, they had never bloomed but instead were spreading their roots all around it. Until today i did not even know what they had done or that they had even bloomed. I was complaining to someone about it when suddenly as I was driving out on the road and noticed to my great surprise and excitment -lilac flowers in my yard!!!!!!!-Yeah.....
right below it the salmon berries are starting and this is not a berry!!! but an old hub cap that was laying around in the yard.

this is the most beautiful dish, i am so jealous that she has it, belongs to someone and this picture i found on the internet......................and guess what i see--a tatted doily. a bonus. tatting is such a delicate thing to do, never did learn myself, mom tried hard to teach me but..................


LOUISE said...

That really is a lovely bowl. We have purple lilacs in our garden, and I remember them from my childhood home too. They are lovely and have an added bonus of a lovely scent too. x

Julie said...

And here, I see, is your lilac post! I am so glad your lilacs finally bloomed. I was so stupid, 15 years ago, that I put in three lovely lilacs in the shade! I just didn't know better. The only lilac I have is one that was here when we moved in 26 years ago!

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