Pink Saturday

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thru the Blood

What a Savior".

Once I was straying in sin's dark valley,
No hope withing could I see,
I searched Thru heaven and found a Savior,
To save a poor lost soul like me


Oh what a Savior! Oh Hallelujah
His heart was broken on Calvary,
His hands we nail scared: His side was driven,
He gave his life blood for you and me

He left the Father, with all his riches,
With calmness sweet and serene,
Came down from heaven and gave his life blood
To make the vilest sinner clean.


Death's chilly waters I'll soon be crossing,
His hands will lead me safe o're
I'll join the chorus in that great city,
And sing up there for ever more

 I can say all the right words, dress up for church, go to church, be the right religion, tell someone how to obey the Bible,
only the blood He spilled on that cross, thru His grace, can I hope to go to heaven to be with Him, to have peace,  and say it has been well with my soul.
Father! never let go of me, keep me in your will! Amen

Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Adventures

Happy Pink Saturday

New Blogs ~ 31 Days of Believing
                   ~ 31 Days of Rain 

My Birthday was on the 30th and this is what one of the staff made:  a Rhubarb Pie, it was so scrumptious.  We ate dessert first of course then we settled in for a Chinese Hot Pot meal with chocolate cake after!!!!!! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

this just says it all ...!!

but it's a holiday today to it is going to be alright !!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

just thoughts

Dandelion season is here
and with it thoughts of weddings, picnics, walks in the park, new loves
 well this lady will be dreaming:)
that somewhere in those dreams will be flowers, pretty dresses and a handsome prince for her!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers Day

My Mother loved Pink and Lace and Roses. She loved to smile, to find the best in every situation,  She was kind, loving, patient, She sacrificed her own feeling to consider those of someone else.
It hurts to think of my mom because she suffered so much in her last days and she is gone.  My birthday was just one day from hers.
But her smile lasted until the very moment when life was at its close.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Paper Roses

so you like the song Paper Roses by Marie Osmond?  HUMMMM  well these are paper roses that i made it was a lot of fun.

check out my new blog 31 days of rain

Friday, April 20, 2012


It was so good to be home today to re-arrange know .......everyone has things like that hahha............and we move it from one place to the other and think that it is organized!!!!  it looks a lot better anyway.  the pictures here are from pintrest.  wow....some people sure have nice ideas and photos.

I am hosting a Men's Breakfast June 10. and looking over the internet i found  a really nice book with a few stories in it.  Going to print it out and hope the fellows like it.  We will have a pancake, veggie bacon, poached eggs, cheese and maple syrup breakfast....and other things.  Here is the's called the Art of Manliness    Check it out if you like!!

Another Pink Saturday is here and may the blessings of the day be on you!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Springtime is here, The sun rises earlier and pink sky in the morning with the crows talking, playing, courting!!!!  Making new houses!!  So here are some birdhouses for the birds.

Friday, March 16, 2012

If I could just take a paintbrush and sweep it over the earth i think many things would be PINK,  i think that God also loves pink because the first thing in the morning when i drive to work and wake up in the morning is the pink on the mountains and pink tinted clouds in the sky.
i would surprise my grandkids with breakfast made with these..........................
but instead i guess we will settle for this...................

this is a very good drink i made from a recipe while watching Steven and Chris, except mine  is alcohol free!!!  So first i chopped a half english cucumber, some mint leaves, with a quarter cup of cherry soda to blend in the blender,  strain juice in a glass and add fresh lemon juice and as much as you like of the remaining cherry soda.  it is very good!!! such a fresh taste.....

Happy Pink Green Saturday and may you enjoy the blessing of Saint Patricks Day on sabbath.
lots of best wishes

Monday, March 12, 2012

What Shall I Say About the Irish? The utterly impractical, never predictable,
Sometimes irascible, quite inexplicable, Irish.Strange blend of shyness,
pride and conceit,
And stubborn refusal to bow in defeat.
He's spoiling and ready to argue and fight,
Yet the smile of a child
fills his soul with delight.
His eyes are the quickest to well up with tears,
Yet his strength is the strongest
to banish your fears.
His hate is as fierce as his devotion is grand,
And there is no middle ground
on which he will stand.
He's wild and he's gentle,
he's good and he's bad.
He's proud and he's humble,
he's happy and sad.
He's in love with the ocean,
the earth and the skies,
He's enamoured with beauty wherever it lies.
He's victor and victim, a star and a clod,
But mostly he's Irish—
in love with his God.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Inspiration comes from making a WISH!!   you say to yourself i wonder what i can do for this person or that person. Today i made some lasagna soup put it in a jar, tomorrow it will go to my secret sister with a ribbon wrapped around it.

Then i heard some chickadees this week and thought it would be so nice to see spring here and green grass and maybe even some mud!!!

always inspires me also, especially if it is the Gaithers, once in a while i will hear a catchy tune with the mood i am in at the moment and sing along.

BUT mostly it is when i hear people who say that their goal or purpose in life is to do good, be kind, be honest, help another person in need, respect one another

then i am grateful for the way God has provided for each one of us during the week, and especially for my boss which maybe i will tell you about him for next week, he is awesome! that if i were rich i would get out my little white care and do this.........................
now wouldn't this just be FUN!!!
happy PINK Saturday everyone, have a good weekend.............

Friday, February 17, 2012

beet sandwich

never?? never!!!  well i should not roast beets in the microwave i guess, you can see it burst all over the place.........
This is a beet sandwich  lol,  anyone brave enough to try one lol, well actually it was pretty good!!!!  i baked it in the microwave a bit, sliced it up, added salt and mayo and voila- a beet sandwich!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

All the PINK in the world that we post is amazing and takes my breath away, what an awesome color it makes with everything, the sunsets and rises, our food and clothes, and the way we measure love in shades of reds and pinks. 
And so the color Pink makes us all HAPPY,  happy Valentines day to all you out there!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Old Letters


Friday, January 13, 2012

I love your smile as you read and leave comments, it leaves a smile on me as well!!! I have to give the credit to a lot of bloggers out there who leave pictures and comments and so it is with pleasure I share what they have already shared, i hope no one will be offended, consider it a compliment when you see it again!
Hopefully this little video will make you smile again as this little PINK pig tries to get his cookie, prepare to relax and watch it thru lol.
some of us have such addictions it is curious lol, we have a lady at work.....uh....not me ! of course,  haha....her addiction is chocolate, she is very slim,  always cold, she wears a sweater and has a heater in her operatory,  but everytime she sees me she says do you have any chocolate?  on Friday she would go into the lunch room and grab a chocolate in between every patient.  that is probably not funny to you but to us it is.  She just has to have chocolate! and so this little movie is applicable to all of our addictions. 
don't you wish you could have one of these Crave Cakes, looks yummy eh!!!!!
I could have one of these......................
Happy PINK Saturday everyone!

Friday, January 6, 2012

and all things PINK!!!

THIS is probably a strange thing to talk about on Pink Saturday, but everything goes eh!!!!  we have some friends this weekend that have died and so their funeral is being held this Saturday.  They were an older couple that had medical issues  and after a long illness finally have been given rest.  We are sad to see them go but glad that as someday they will see Jesus raise them and meet Him when He comes to takes us to heaven.  Death is but a sleep!
i have always been so squimish about death and dreaded the thought of bugs eating me and being covered with six feet of dirt and felt sorry for the people buried in the cemetary.  What could be better???......cremation.....oh i don't know!   UNTIL  i went shopping for caskets with my friend one day and i saw a PINK casket!  It had frills and lace and pillows and even a pink blanket.  i remember the relief that came over me suddenly i did not mind any more  lol lol
Is that crazy or what.....anyway i still would not dying in a cloud of pink.

PS.  yes that is the most important legacy is that their heart is with God and they will be ready to meet their Friend and yes i agree it might be better just to keep it between me and God about the color, i don't know but perhaps a blanket could be thrown across it if it offends anyone hahahha,  this one might be for a child but i did see an adult coffer as well!!!!  thank you so much for leaving me comments, i am glad if even this caused a smile!!!!

OH another PS.  i would like to be buried  in one of my mothers old fashioned ruffled, beribboned pink and white rosed nighties,,   hahahha  but if the men are present and are embarrassed then they only need to look from the head up hahah  God will change my clothes into more perfect ones later!!!!   

and here is the purse i want to carry my Bible in, and a doll, and my mothers crystal dish....really do i need anything else lol!!! oh some lipstick that tastes like cotton candy.

happy birthday

Animated Happy Birthday#5

happy new year

happy new year

vintage from Shabby Cotage Studio


leona lewis--the first time
lara fabian--
ivana and luka--bed of roses
josipa lisac--ava maria