Pink Saturday

Saturday, January 31, 2009

A NEW DAY.......

I was going to write this at three oclock in the morning, just couldn't get to sleep for some reason, maybe because it was that delicious cinnamon bun i ate!!!!! but just didn't feel like it, and now it is eight in the morning and here i am taking pictures and writing.
It must be the time of year.....or my age.......or the fact there are no kids at home anymore......hey it must be all three!!!! the work seems triple around here. And I am just plain ready for a nice long PINK WEEKEND!! hahahah So after the initial work is done and the scrub brushes put away , my oldest , for christmas this year gave me several pink things, my family has a fun time smiling at my pink enthusiasim, the toilet brush, tea pot and she included an interesting cheese grater that was pink also.

Now i am going to sit in my pink covered rocker down, enjoy a cup of tea, and finish knitting my pink dishcloth!!! along with my pink friends on top of the TV stand, and savor a raspberry candy that happens to be waiting for me on the computer ......................How do you like that!!!

BUT.....we can't let a pink saturday go by without a bit of sabbath it is......Jeremiah 6:16
"Thus says the LORD: 'Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls.' But they said, 'We will not walk in it.'"- Jeremiah 6:16
My parents were great folks and godly and held to the scriptures fast to the best of their ability, and this week has been a tumultous one for my kids. i often think that this verse would apply and wish them the blessing of the Father.
I wish everyone reading this the blessing of wisdom to listen to the words of scripture, a great PINK WEEKEND
and a happy day

Friday, January 23, 2009


Guess what i saw with my pink glasses!!!! around Christmas time there were these two things that no one bought and then were marked down to half price. I BOUGHT THEM!!!! two for the price of one.......Bringing it home i suddenly noticed that it was wrapped in pink tissue paper!!! How good was that!! Look below and you will see what is inside the paper......they are for my grand daughters.......

HAPPY PINK SABBATH LADIES! angels sure have been doing double dut this winter in keeping my car safe on the road and being with the other drivers, travelling and work mercies for my family, we are still employed. Praising God! I have many things to be thankful for. i hope you find a sabbath days blessing...let me know what blessed you!

King James Bible Ye shall have a song, as in the night when a holy solemnity is kept; and gladness of heart, as when one goeth with a pipe to come into the mountain of the LORD, to the mighty One of Israel.

Webster's Bible Translation Ye shall have a song, as in the night, when a holy solemnity is kept; and gladness of heart, as when one goeth with a pipe to come upon the mountain of the LORD, to the mighty One of Israel.

I love singing and i guess this is why this verse appeals to me! and i just made a spelling mistake in the word singing and had to go and correct it--if you leave the first 'g' out, look what it spells!! sin-ing. well i guess we all love to do that at sometime but suffer for it after wards.

Someday, I will sing with the strength of an opera singer and go before the Lord with the voice of the flutes sounding.

Life is sometmes like an opera-there is tragedy, love affairs with whatever, and in the end, thru the events of time, there is majestic singing in the end.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Good Morning PINK LADIES!!!
these are some pink grapefruits from Florida that i dehydrated, they are so good and just like candy.

WOW! another week has gone by....i have been attending a seminar for the last week on myofunctional therapy. it is amazing what a little exercise can correct. We still have all day on Sunday to go.

NEXT! another chapter in the relm of learning. new things. old gadgets that can be used for new ways of treating old habits. OLD HABITS! How we like these things, like staying at home, going to the computer first thing in the morning to check our pink blogs, things that make us comfortable to go into a room and be able to function like all the little pink things you see here. I gathered these things in a little corner in my bathroom, took a picture and looked around, my! there were more pink things than i thought......even the pin stuck in the wall has a pink head!!! hahaha. The little flower that is nearly 70 years pink. and what else, well you can find them!!! I live comfortable!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


This is the first work week after the Christmas break and it has been very busy, going by really quickly, I can hardly believe the week is over already, but it is nice, preparation day is here, the sabbath is coming and so is rest. I worked two days at home and then travelling an hour to work the next two days to a nearby town to work there. Its really the same thing every week but still one has to say it all over again!!!!
I spent more money again, I bought an elliptical trainer and some winter clothing that were marked on sale for my children at Canadian Tire, bought the other one groceries and gas, and then me gas and groceries. Friday--well it was so nice to have it off this week too , as there were millions of things to do around the home like taking the decorations down, cleaning up and doing the dishes. Baked chuckwaon beans and a goat cheeze pizza. Oh! yes , i bought some tea sets too, one for the girls and one for me. Show you next time!
Are you wondering about this cup?? It is PINK! and the gooey brown stuff!? Guess what it is----yep it is chocolate that comes in a package --it was butter cream something...... But i did not follow the instructions when putting it together. you are supposed to put the powder in hot water!!! but was going to take a short cut and put it in cold water, pouring the powder on top and then put it in the microwave for a few minutes. HUH! that did not work out . But, as you can see, it was good and sugary anyway.

Friday, January 2, 2009


just the sheer joy of flower decor, and
after the beautiful pagentry of Christmas reds and blacks, green and whites, how could anyone surpass all this beauty, but only in pink!!! I love the colors of Christmas, this blog and its music, i am reluctant to change it, so maybe will leave it up until the middle of this month.

but PINK is a nice color to look at after all. This comes from one of the wedding books that i like to look at for the decorations and ideas for women's meetings. It will give me incentive on what to plant in my garden for next year.

He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in their heart, yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end
Ecclesiastes 3:11
moreover, that every man who eats and drinks sees good in all his labor-- it is the gift of God. verse 13.
we have been very blest this winter season and so I am wishing you all a HAPPIY NEW YEAR and may the Lord give you enough inspiration to carry you thru in the next few months ahead...

happy birthday

Animated Happy Birthday#5

happy new year

happy new year

vintage from Shabby Cotage Studio


leona lewis--the first time
lara fabian--
ivana and luka--bed of roses
josipa lisac--ava maria