Pink Saturday

Saturday, April 17, 2010

a pink scooter

Well! its been a long while since i was on here!  or it seems a long time.  was in town the other day just leasurely driving up and down the streets. looking at the old houses, and what do you know, I saw a PINK SCOOTER!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Another blurry picture  but it still looks good eh!!!   it has kale, asparagas, red onion, carrot and corn, i just boiled it all  with salt and chicken style seasoning with coconut milk added afterward.  yummy
Pavlova with balckberries and strawberries.  alll i am missing is the passion fruit which we can't get here. 
but now i have to ge   american idol is on...


This weekend i went to a lake nearby and there must have been about three hundred are some of them....sorry about the icture quality as i most certainly am not a good photographer and probably need a new camera....It was wonderful hearing them honk and listening to the water ripple
here is my grand daughter posing at a picnic table site by the Canadian Tire store.  we bought subway sandwiches and came here.  it was sunny and rather cold out but the first picnic of the spring for us.  it was fun...


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Part ##2 for Pink Saturday

What a busy morning!  Here are some pictures of the church i go to and the flowers that people have brought...
the white flowers were closer in the beginning!!
OK! now for potluck food, it is a good thing adventists always bring lots of food as the group of 10 extra Pathfinders came down from Prince George......All vegetarian including, potato salad, peanut butter roast, veggie spring rolls made by the Philipino pastors wife, perogies, salads,  Linketts from Loma Linda, beans, bread, and plenty of dessert and more on other tables......usually those who cannot make it to church get some paper plates with a variety of food taken to them also...
you might want to click on the utube music also --it is a very nice song


Pink Day.............

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!

I just love this song the way Ivan Parker sings it, i'm sorry ladies, i just ran out of time this week to put anything down here for Easter but check back later this afternoon and i shall have some things down here that i have done, and maybe some pictures of potluck food for today.... it is communion sabbath also it is a busy weekend.... in the mean time  Have a great Pink Day!!!!!
Go ahead drive the nails in My hands,
Laugh at Me where you stand.
Go ahead, and say it isn't Me,
The day will come when you will see,

'Cause I'll rise again.
There's no pow'r on earth can tie Me down.
Yes, I'll rise again,
Death can't keep Me in the ground.

Go ahead mock My name,
My love for you is still the same.
Go ahead and bury Me,
But very soon I will be free.

'Cause I'll rise again.
There's no pow'r on earth can tie Me down.
Yes, I'll rise again,
Death can't keep Me in the ground.

Go ahead, and say I'm dead and gone,
But you will see that you were wrong.
Go ahead, and try to hide the Son,
But all will see that I'm the One.

"Cause I'll come again.
There's no pow'r on earth can keep it back.
Yes, I'll come again;
Come to take My people back
Yes I'll come again;
Come to take My people back

OK!  here is one thing i did this week and one pink bowl measuring cup!!!!!  These are orange rolls, using a sweet dough with a sour cream and orange glaze.  Very fattening and sugary but very good........

Friday, April 2, 2010

different things this week

This week as usual i am on the road at 7am or ten after is usually the case and then i set the cruise at 120 ks and go the 69ks to work.  the sun is just starting to rise and such beauty i see as the red rays of the sun go beyond the circle of the earth, almost every morning the skies are pink or red or then the oposite happens and the dark clouds make it so much like night....well sort of!!

here is an evening picture as i arrived home it was snowing and raining and sunny at the same time.....

the colors are fantastic.  God is so great to create such and affect.
I saw a couple of chocolate brown moose also while going to work on the straight stretch, they bounded over the fince and i just caught the sight on one on my camera---can you see it on the left hand side of the picture, you can't miss it really!!!!!.........about a quarter of the way up past the cracks in my windshield....oh well i tried.....

then i took a picture of a funny dog with two colored eyes, and a beaver dam, but i never see any beavers...

another view of  the mountains in full form on a daily basis in the morning, fantastic view as i rise over a crest in the windy road.

happy birthday

Animated Happy Birthday#5

happy new year

happy new year

vintage from Shabby Cotage Studio


leona lewis--the first time
lara fabian--
ivana and luka--bed of roses
josipa lisac--ava maria