Pink Saturday

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Part ##2 for Pink Saturday

What a busy morning!  Here are some pictures of the church i go to and the flowers that people have brought...
the white flowers were closer in the beginning!!
OK! now for potluck food, it is a good thing adventists always bring lots of food as the group of 10 extra Pathfinders came down from Prince George......All vegetarian including, potato salad, peanut butter roast, veggie spring rolls made by the Philipino pastors wife, perogies, salads,  Linketts from Loma Linda, beans, bread, and plenty of dessert and more on other tables......usually those who cannot make it to church get some paper plates with a variety of food taken to them also...
you might want to click on the utube music also --it is a very nice song


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Charlotte said...

Happy Easter & Pink Saturday! What lovely pictures on your blog. I found the moose! I was trying to figure out where you lived and with the moose, I figured Canada. After scrolling down, I found your profile. Looks like you are living in God's country. Beautiful! Only thing I wouldn't like is the snow!

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happy new year

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