Pink Saturday

Friday, April 20, 2012


It was so good to be home today to re-arrange know .......everyone has things like that hahha............and we move it from one place to the other and think that it is organized!!!!  it looks a lot better anyway.  the pictures here are from pintrest.  wow....some people sure have nice ideas and photos.

I am hosting a Men's Breakfast June 10. and looking over the internet i found  a really nice book with a few stories in it.  Going to print it out and hope the fellows like it.  We will have a pancake, veggie bacon, poached eggs, cheese and maple syrup breakfast....and other things.  Here is the's called the Art of Manliness    Check it out if you like!!

Another Pink Saturday is here and may the blessings of the day be on you!!!

happy birthday

Animated Happy Birthday#5

happy new year

happy new year

vintage from Shabby Cotage Studio


leona lewis--the first time
lara fabian--
ivana and luka--bed of roses
josipa lisac--ava maria