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Monday, June 2, 2008

Getting Nostalgic!!

This is Granny of my fathers side - her name is Bessie Arnetta Rae......she married a preacher by the name of Lunny , his only name! (three boys and a girl were born to them), and they travelled all over the country and down to Belize and Africa and others. They moved to Bella Coola for a while where Dad-Francis Mervin, I loved that name, it sounded so romantic, but he later changed it to Frank Marvin, was born out in the 'Chuck' in a small cannery village of Green Bay. He lived with his grandfather while his parents were travelling as missionaries, met my mom out east -Oshawa, then moved back to Bella Coola again. This is my favorite picture. We owned a vast wood pile and we worked hard in those days with little to live on as dad's only income was school bus driving. He had to support five of us. We did the usual cooking-making bread, date squares, goulash from left overs and donkey meat which was really left over porridge with tomatoes and lots of butter, (we were still healthy people), cleaning, hanging clothes out on the line on Sundays. But the best thing was singing around the old piano as both of my parents were very musical, and making home made ice cream and pop overs on a Saturday night. We lived in a one room school house with a teacherage at one end, which was our dining room and kitchen, no running water -(except our running water was on the other side of those green trees there!! where a year around creek was), or electricity for many years, only until the last few years at home did we have the luxeries. Here you can see the helicopter landing in the yard to drop one of my kids off for a visit. A grand view of dad's hobbies-his own brand of mechanics. Many stories to tell but you probably have an imagination!

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Thank you so much for the very kind comments you left on my blog. Times may have been simple back then for us, but what makes up for it are the terrific memories we have taken from our childhood. x

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