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Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Flowers

This is the Hawthorne tree that my kids got me for my birthday one year. Last year it had light pink flowers and this year it has bright red ones. As all the flowers this year, even in the wild, the colors are deeper. I think flowers like the cool weather.
I remember as a kid growing up in Bella Coola we lived in a small two bedroom house with three of us kids, I slept in the single bed and my two sister slept together in the double bed ( might i say with a log between them because they always faught as kids will do!!) Outside our bedroom window was this great Hawthorne tree with the beautiful triple petal rose like clusters. One day, i think because the tree was getting old, and and another reason because it was quite windy that day, it came crashing down on the house. We were so sad that it had to be cut down all the way.....

this little lonely flower, although not so little as they grow to four or five feet high, was growing by the road all by itself. They grow wild in the ditches by the road, I don't know the name of them but they sure are pretty. They stink!!! and are full of bugs so leave them outside!!!! the flower itself can grow about a foot across. Actually I found out that they are called Cow Parsnips --click here to find out more.
And everyone knows what these are---oriental poppies. I used to have a white one but i think it turned pink somehow----??????? Click on the link in the sidebar for Kellies Show and Tell. Visit the other blogs to see their pics. !!!!!


Barbara H. said...

Oh, that's too bad about that tree.

I have only heard of a couple of flowers that stink -- that's funny because the mind doesn't associate flowers with a bad smell -- it's hard to imagine.

Shirley said...
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happy new year

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