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Friday, June 6, 2008

Old Buildings

I love old worn down buildings, there is something so sad and yet so homey because someone once lived in them, there was life and family, and work that went on and now it is gone. What happened I wonder!

In visits to my sister in Calgary her house over looks several brand new houses, up on the hill and way up high, is a broken house with only three walls and half a roof. I tell her that is my house and i am going to live in it someday!!!!. Sometimes there are horses that browse near its walls and it is exciting to see them silhouetted against the sky.

Nearby the old house here, there was a field of cows laying down for the evening in a field of seeded dandylions.. and below after i came home from my drive in the country , i picked a big handful of lilacs from the neighbors , they have ten bushes in a small yard. I found little bugs on them that had green hard backs. Pretty things but landed in the garbage fast!!

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happy new year

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