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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Around my Kitchen

Just thought I would send you a peek on what is going on in my kitchen today. This is a picture i found on the internet and it looked pretty neat for this post! Anyway It is show and tell so here is the link..................... Click on the underlined words here and see what everybody else is doing!!!!!

the flower pots hanging outside in the back porch are doing nicely. Do you remember what is behind the propane tank kids?????? That is where all the scraps go. someday I will make a proper compost bin--huh when will that be!!!! Maybe when your kids have kids eh!!!
behind the propane tank...................

I am making bread today for Chez Beverly again, my little restaurant in the kitchen.....
We will have a veggie drink Bar!!! with watermelon and lemon and mint for decoration ginger tea

somethings will have lime in them like the salad, and a drink or two and on the sweet potato fries
here is the apple sparkler where a slice of lime and an ice cube with a frozen cherry in it will go........
frozen cherry cubes................. Well that is it... keep posted there might be some more pictures by the end of the day....................

Salad with lime juice or Tahini/garlic dressingLentil SoupPanini with Swiss cheese, spinach, apples
Baked sweet potato chips with sea salt, olive oil and cumin
and a pear pie which didn't turn out so good but will save it for potluck and put ice cream on it!!!!!


Maisie said...

Mmmm. That bread dough looks good. So does the pie. I've never tried making pear pie before.

Schotzy said...

Yes, so what time are we eating!! I'll be right over!! Yum!

Sandy C. said...

Whoa! That ALL looks fabulous! I would have never thought to freeze cherry ice cubes :) love it!

Hadias said...

Wow what a menu. Everything sounds and looks delish. Especially the penini's.

You ask about growing basil. It grows really easily. Get a good bag of soil and drop a few seeds in a pot and put them in a sunny window. They are not fussy plants at all and grow just about anywhere, even in direct sun and heat.

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