Pink Saturday

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Josie ~ grandma's firstborn grandchild............
tired little cousins sleep at grandmas house.................

It'a been a long time it seems since last Friday and since things have ben normal again. Although the move for my daughter has been a good one and i really looked forward to her living with me for a while i do know it is for the best that she has found her own apartment.

She moved just only a hour away and two minutes from where i work in smithers. She and her sister will learn to be sisters and friends once again and the cousins will have a good bonding time together. So in our households there has been lots of packing and repacking and more packing.!!!! She has a really nice job at a great hair salon also.

Well !! i am sure glad it is thursday again and here a long wkend for me is here. The sky was absolutelly fabulous yesterday when the sun was shining and the sy was pink with a could the shape of a large 'mans hand' dominated the sky.

Today on the way home this the view i have travelling back and forth. Gold flows like water rom the wind and trees. Pink undertones glows from rain clouds as rain pounded down on the car leaving rivers again on the pavement. WHAT FUn !!!!!!!!



Kathy said...

What precious grandchildren you have!

Darla said...

precious sleeping beauties. Great sky pics.

Manuela said...

Sweet children and stunning photos of that amazing sky!


Tammy said...

Incredible photos of the sky...and love the adorable pictures of the children.

~~Tammy @ Lattes and Lollipops

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