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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


AS usual there are always lots of leftovers after a major dinner. I was reminded of the time Jesus blessed the food and there was 12 baskets left over. that is what i felt like!!! I sent al lot of food home with my kids and we did throw some away that is gong to be composted someplace. Well it was a very good dinner and the girls made pies that we didn't eat because we had birthdaycake which half of it got frozen for another time.

BUT here is the salad that i put together for the left over special!!!

First I roasted sweet potatoes and sprinkled sea salt and lime juice on it. slice the potatoes like small fry strips.

Then the same thing with parsnips and roast them with honey and garlic and olive oil, sea salt. Cut tem in small strips too.

Make cabbage salad with broken romen noodles, mushrooms chives etc.

make a green salad with the usual other veggies
make a hemp dressing and pour on top--i have had this salad for breakfast dinner and supper!!!One thing about the hemp is that it is very filling and will last all day! the same with the sweet potato--it is filling and very good for you.

Now this picture of the salad is everything all mixed up together and it is actually very good!!!!

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