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Monday, October 13, 2008


Josie Madison Alice Smith-Wlasenko - born October 7. She almost has royalty behind her first name!!! She was born in the hospital here in Hazelton.
The girls went for a walk and picked posies along the roadsides which matched very nicely with the cake. hey paid a visit to the horse across the road and the many goats from the neighbor behind us. He had a dog that came the last time the girls were here but today there was no sign of her???
today was very rainy and chilly but there was blue sky off and on as you can see by the picture below the sun came out for a few minutes for the children to go and play in the puddle and make them dance on the golden leaves glistening in the sun beams. A good day for waching movies.

the day before i went to pick the girls up to bring them home and we stopped at the famous tourist spot at the fish hatchery in Morristown.

pancakes for breakfast with corn, pears and peanut butter and orange juice
playing kitchen with raisins, nuts and dried bananas!!!! and here we are for thanksgiving dinner.....................Rhys playing peek a boo.............


welcome to our house. the grandkids and my two daughters are over for the day. they will be going swimming after in the pool in smithers as it is josie's sixth birthday. we are making a princess cake of some sort. no turkey for dinner but there will be the traditional pumkin pie, pie apples as teagan calls it, cottage cheese roast with cranberries, salads, sweet potatoes, and do you think that is enough, and a vegetable or two .........


Jeanie said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and thanks for visiting my blog!

Joyce said...

a VERY Happy Birthday to Josie and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I just saw on my Calendar that it was Thanksgiving in Canada yesterday!
We will be celebrating ours in about a month from now....
See ya!

happy birthday

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happy new year

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