Pink Saturday

Friday, August 15, 2008


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Hello all ......this was yesterday and RHYS loves to smile with his blue eyes......
Just a couple bowls i bought and couldn't resist with the right shades of green purple and pink and grapes are easier to eat on than animal i figure!!!!!!
Friday and this is what i am doing on my day off from work....freezing raspberries , peas and tomatoes already in the freezer. they are good for soup....
banana chips in the dehydrator should be done at the end of the day,,,,hopefully!
Two batches of bread coming out to sell at the flea market....... And this is what it looks like out there today...just beautiful and warm and good for the garden......thoughts for the day....i don't know yet, have to check back towards evening.....see ya later!!!!


Mam said...

Oooh! Everything looks so good!

Carrie said...

Your diligent work will pay off with all those nice ingredients for your cooking in the future.
Happy Sabbath!

Wanita said...

You have been very busy! Everything looks delicious.

Melissa Wertz said...

I love to freeze my own veggies. Everything else looks very good.

Amanda said...'re busy! I love green and purple together.

Do you grind your own wheat?

Carla said...

You had a very busy 'day off' Friday-and thank you for sharing your Pink Saturday!

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happy new year

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