Pink Saturday

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday Cloud Watcher

Look at the amazing formation of these clouds, they formed a semi circle in the sky around the valley, awesome!!!!


Crystal said...

Thank you for stopping by to visit at my blog! The pictures of clouds are awesome. We've been travelling in the Rockies and the sky is constantly changing. It's wonderful to see how the light plays with the mountains. And today we saw an awesome rainbow covering a whole valley. I'll post pictures soon. I'll come by soon :))

Kelli said...

Beautiful pictures! I love cloudy skies!

Jan and Tom's Place said...

WOW, what beautiful cloud pictures!! It reminds me of the clouds around the city, in the valley of Tucson, AZ.

Thanks for the visit and your comment about B&B's. At 58, I can't imagine dreaming AND eventually getting a B&B! But, it's sooooooo nice to dream!!

Hope you visit again!


RuneE said...

I think I saw a "cloud"duck up there"

John said...

Lovely sky shot series!

Becky said...

Isn't God incredible! He made that especially for you to share with us.
To Him!

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