Pink Saturday

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pink Saturday

click on the pink doll and you will find a host of others in pink!!!!
Here is the pink pen that goes along with the comb that i posted last week! When I sit at the computer my grand daughter usually sits on my knee and draws and this is her toy--the pink puppy!
Well! once again Friday has rolled around and the sabbath is here with the shopping, cooking, cleaning and everything else done. Guess what i did today???? I bought a four poster bed -from liquidation world--that will be a guest bed, and with it PINK towels and cloth. It is so soft and ready to use. I could send an invite to you all but you might have to phone ahead of time!!!!!! My eldest granddaughter inherited the desire for pink also, so these are for her when she comes. My mother gave her a dusty rose pink bedspread with all the shams and curtains and lace and such and she thought she was a princess!!!! Now i shall have to post a picture of my mother.......I made a vegetable pate today , I just love it, out of baked or boiled potatoe, yeast flakes, tiny carrot, onions or chives or leeks, sea salt, tomato paste , olive oil. Blend all that until it rolls around in the processor and eat next day or right away.

I tried to get it to look like the boughten stuff-TARTEX-in the can but so far it does not look the that but mine is just as good.

So for tomorrow I am having a huge salad, boiled potatoes with dill and vegan raw chocolate with strawberries. you will have to come back if you want to see the pictures. Its all for potluck after church so there might be other pics as well.

Have a happy Sabbath, and may the God, the Creator of the world give you peace and wisdom and strength to live in these last days of the world.


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hi! It was so nice having you visit the potting shed. I could really sense your heart when you wrote about your sweet Mom and her spirit even though she too had to leave you. "We" have a common link... that understanding of how hard it is losing someone SO dear. I LOVED the picture you shared in this post. Sweet memories huh? I cling to those myself. --- I am really happy to meet you, and glad you are a sister in Christ. I look forward to coming back to read more Thru Pink Curtains. ;)
May the Most High God BLESS you,
CHOOSING to be Happy,

Joanna said...

I love the pic of your pink curtains (blog header) & your blog name. thanks for visiting me. xoxo, Joanna

Beverly said...

Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Bev.

I love your family picture. I like the idea of "pink" being an inherited trait.

Katie said...

Hi! Save me a chocolate strawberry please! LOVE the rainbow pictures, a delightful blog you have here! Happy Pink Saturday!


Happy Pink Saturday!

Nice to see you all! Lovely pink curtains by the way...

~ Gabriela ~

Dawn said...

Welcome to pink Saturday. I like the header you have with the pink curtains. Very pretty. What a fun family picture you posted. I'm sure the room for your granddaughter's visits will be well loved.

Happy Pink Saturday,

Take care,

Tracy said...

Hi, Bev! I definitely think pink is inherited...I inherited love of pink from my Momma :o) You have a very cozy blog...Happy Pink Saturday!

silvia kruchowski said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Besitos from Argentina!


Joy said...

That little pink puppy peeking out is so charming! :o)

Anne Fannie said...

Hello Bev, welcome to your first Pink Saturday! I like your pink curtains too!
Love, Ann

Susan Hickam said...

Hi there! Thanks for sharing your pink Saturday with us-your new guest bed sounds great and I have towels that same color.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY PINK SATURDAY! I enjoyed reading your posts!



bj said...

Ummm, what a cute little PINK fun it is to have a grandchild on your knee...most of mine are way too big now but some of them still do it ! haha...

I do hope these aren't the last days of the world....
it is such a beautiful world GOD has given really takes a lot of love for JESUS and insight and willpower to remember HOW beautiful it is when there's so much troubles going has been going on since the beginning of time and always will, I suppose. We just have to keep praying hard!
love, bj

Anonymous said...

I loved that photo of your mom--what fun that must've been the moment it was taken. I'm sure the memories of that time bring such a good feeling to you!

Margie said...

I like the little *pink* puppy, so cute! And I love your blog name and header! It just sounds like a blog I want to visit often! It's so cool that the different generations in your family love *pink*!

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