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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sabbath potluck....

Vegetarian Potluck---Salad and mashed potatos en route to the church and of course the chocolate with strawberries...... And here it all is, beans and salads and potatoes, olives,
one of the ladies made a huge meatless tortilla pie in the blue pan

another lady always with out fail makes a really good noodle dish, usually we have lots of bread but my friend was sick this time so couldn't make it, she always makes delicious bread, and I had forgotten to make baking powder biscuits, but it all turned out good. Everyone commented on how good the meal was so we must have gotten a good balance of everything. I am really sorry i forgot to take pictures of the dessert but there was ice cream, cake with whipped cream and apple pie and watermelon, fruit and nuts and chocolate with the strawberries.

that is my plate and someone made green tomatoe pickles. They were sooooo good.and that was left --pea pods!!!!! Heaven sent meal!!!I could tell you about the sermon also---a boy or should i say a man now coming back home as a family person and a minister told his life story. As a boy he had godly parents but as a youngster always felt tall and awkward and unloved As a young fellow he followed a group of his own age boys to a baptismal call . He did not tell anyone his deathly fear of water. He was only able to wash his face with a cloth he was that afraid. He would not let the minister immerse him and he fought thru panic and didn't immerse his head which made him feel terible over the deception he had to play in front of everyone that he was converted. Then thru a series of events eventually gave up of God but always knew in his heart he couldn't totally do that. He went to the bar scene and such things. One day he decided to find God and thru his own personal bible study he gave his heart to the God who gave him grace and on to finding a relationship with Him in writing his own songs, studying for the ministry to help others find God too.


tricia said...

Everything looks delicious. I loved the music on your Blog and the testimony. God is Good!

Carrie said...

Your potluck made a beautiful spread...with so many wonderful healthful dishes...

La Tea Dah said...

Yummy veggie potluck! Delicious! I wish I could have been there!!!

Are you from Hazelton? I'm wondering if you might go to church with my cousin, Carole. You can email me a the name of my blog. I'm using gmail.

:) LaTeaDah

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