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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Things and Lace

Here you can see a few pictures of some of the things we found in Mom's stuff - now I am not sure wether this was her dress as a baby or what but it sure is pretty.

This was my baby dress many moons ago!!. It is a pretty pale pink and with such cute detail on it. There was a little slip to go with it too.

Then in a little bag she had a white doily and a tan one that she made. lace collar and lace
gloves that either she had purchased of made. This bonnett thing was stretchable pink and green with a tan colored center, in those days we used to wear rollers in our hair all night so that would keep them in place.

An old cookbook that was given to my parents when they got married. We didn't use it too much but there were one or two recipies that were a favorite as you can tell by the marks on the odd page or two. Mostly in the cookie section!!!, Plain Cookies and Seven Minute Icing were what I used. The cover had a linoleum wrapping on it---roses of course!!! Usually I remember it had more recipies from other books in it that we used more than the ones that were in it....... Like cheese sauce....I used to make that a lot with boiled onions--favorite!!!!

Here is one with Apple dad's favorite......

6 apples, 2tbsp sugar

2/3 cup butter--we used Crisco

1 cup flour

1 1/3 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup of water

Cinnamon or lemon juice

Bake 30 min at 375.

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Kelli said...

What lovely treasures! The dresses are beautiful and I love the delicate gloves too!
P.s. I have a quick question for you...will you email me at ? Thanks!

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