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Friday, May 2, 2008

new home for the clock

Hey! Kids! do you remember this door. do you remember how mad i was when i came home one day??? Well I came home from work and there you kids were having target practice on the door in the hallway. Finally and reluctantly I am throwing this door away as there are too many holes. I kept it for so long because it reminded me of when you were at home. I am going to miss those holes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the new kitchen and this is what i came home with today. All this green stuff is what i am going to be eating for the next two weeks. There is one cauliflower there someplace!!!! the stove is underneath. and hemp hearts.

Cupboard where the old clock used to be. Oven stil has to be framed in yet. Pantry...........................

sink etc curtains pull up like blinds , the shelf above the windows is in with junk on top already!!New home for the clock. i keep looking at the old place and it is not there--my neck is getting a crink from looking in the other direction hahaha..............and do you like my wallpaper??????
well that is it..................the hall way has lino same as the kitchen


Kathy said...

Great new kitchen!...Kathy

Pam said...

Enjoy your new kitchen and your new greens!!

~Brenda said...

Hello! :) I happened upon your blog a few days ago and I am so attached to your door for you. Can you cut out and frame the section with holes and attach the door knob and keep it as a conversation piece to hang on the wall or something?

Great new kitchen, by the way! :)

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happy new year

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