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Friday, May 23, 2008

the knock at the door

There is a couple who have lost a baby and when it was born lived for two hours. The parents and children were with the baby in her last moments together. the Angie and Todd Smith story on Bring the Rain blog.
I am sitting here at the end of this preparation Friday night finishing a six and a half hour work day, everything is ready for the Sabbath-a dinner made, which is very little, a vegan chocolate pudding with strawberries and a salad. The garden is watered and planted with the peas that have been sprouted throughout the week, most of the strawberries have been transplanted, dishes done, house clean and yes even bath is over.

The moment is here, when the day ends and sunset marks the beginning of a new day, a peace, a holy rest, and God steps his foot on the thresh hold of our doors, and we are ready for Him to come in!!!! It's breathless!!

I take this picture of the setting sun and suddenly realize that there are two crows in the middle sitting on the wire and wonder. I have gone thru this life alone many times wishing it were different. Many times God has seen me thru the daily chores of living, bringing blessing after blessing which i sometimes fail to see because i want things to go my way.
God can handle our getting mad at him, He just want s us to trust him in any situation.
So today this is what I have seen thru my window thru the words of Angie - 'Trust is believing in someone who is going to be with you no matter what the road is doing in front of you or behind you '- I choose to let God come into my door. I am still happy.

You ask Him too.....


Dina said...

Beautiful pictures and philosophy of life. Do you too celebrate the Sabbath on Friday night/Saturday?
Thanks for visiting Jerusalem Hills. Shalom to you.

Jackie said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I love the photo of the setting sun.

God bless.

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

I love your pink curtains they are so pretty and peaceful looking. And the sun set is pretty also.
Have a great evening,

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