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Sunday, May 25, 2008

A busy day

the day started with this 3- 9x12 chocolate cakes with vanilla creame and bananas with whipped cream icing, I was able to get someone to print me an edible picture for the top. Dandylions and ivy with forget me nots ...... then i made a mad dash to Terrace to pick up some flowers for the church and on the way home I took some pictures and just enjoying the countryside, as you can see the day is sunny and hot, everyone is out shopping, gardening and rushing around. Last night the neighbors porch and some of the house burnt down and thankfully no one was seriously hurt. Here is an eagle's nest and there is an eagle nesting as you can see her moving around everyonce in a while.
Here is the mighty Skeena River in flood......
and blackberries to munch on.......
The aroma of Skink Cabbages filled the air, I love them and the smell!!! They are huge- must be four feet tall, growing right beside the road......
A waterfall cascading between the rocks.....
and now I get to sink into my new bed that i bought today for $49.

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happy birthday

Animated Happy Birthday#5

happy new year

happy new year

vintage from Shabby Cotage Studio


leona lewis--the first time
lara fabian--
ivana and luka--bed of roses
josipa lisac--ava maria