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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rainbows and Snow

A picture of the logging truck that goes by my property almost everyday. The log at the bottom shows it is extended quite a bit and it was also bowed at the end. Just a curious sight! Below is a field of daises and clover. Looks peaceful doesn't it?

For two days in a row now it has thundered, rained and rained and this morning again for the second time it has snowed on top of those mountains this time a coming down to meet the treeline, a little lower than before and melts by evening. A beautiful double rainbow in vivid colors embraced the valley at end of day . You can see a birds eye view of my little garden!
This is the castle in Morricetown...........they just built a veranda on top ............or can see it better by clicking on the picture...

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Linda said...

I see log trucks at my new house, and when I drive to the regional centre, or to go shopping for food. There has been snow on the hills here too. You

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happy new year

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