Pink Saturday

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Girls night out

Getting tired of seeing snow pictures yet?????????????? well today it snowed again and some people have had frost. Smithers was 3 degrees and cold. Or should the title of this post read Global warming!!!!!!
Work week is over and I decided to take Clarisa and Taegan out for Mexican food at an old converted railway station restaurant. They had the best food and Taegan was the best girl. She just ate and talked and colored and sat in her chair like a good girl. Except for a tiny little incident where she put a mouthful of salad greens in her mouth and bit her thumb. She cried very loudly for a moment and then smiles again. How little ones can change from one minute to the next.....


1 comment:

cindee said...

I love Mexican food. It is hard to imagine snow in July. Especially here right now. Sounds lovely though. I could use some cold snow...or rain(-:

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happy new year

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