Pink Saturday

Friday, November 4, 2011


Well!  it is birthday time again and my little granddaughter is growing up into a great girl. a very grown up girl in her thinking and taking responsibility as an older child, looking after her home and brother and reasoning things out,  it is so interesting to watch and yet there is still the little girl in her that makes her adorable.....

everything had to be PINK, what else!!!  the only color is pink!!!!

so inside this lovely looking cake that i decorated it is a very bright pink

with a special cookie with pink icing and pink flowers and a pink bow

of course  her brother wanted to help and she graciously let him
her dishes had to be pink also and here are the grandmothers loving every moment, She made her a lovely scrapbook of her life up to now with lots of family, cousings, her dad, and other memories, it was so nice of an idea, i am jealous i did not think of doing something like that!!!!!

so happy pink saturday everyone!!!!!


Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. I'll join you for some of that divine cake you have there! Looks like alot of fun was had by all! Have a great pinkish weekend! Marilou

chubskulit said...

So beautiful, happy birthday!

Pink hat, have a great weekend!

pinkim said...

What an absolutely lovely cake for a lovely girl! How lucky she is! What a nice blog you have...Happy pink Saturday. I have decided to follow. Pinkim From trulysimplypink

Lisa Balazs said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time and that is such a lovely cake. My daughter's 14th is coming up and she asked me to make her a Panda cake like the one I made her when she was a little girl. It made my heart sing with happiness.

Hugs, LisaKay

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