Pink Saturday

Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Day in Winter

Friday Rolls around again after a week of slush and snow and driving thru it to work and back  But i am thankful for safety, protection and the ability to drive.  Others were not quite so fortunate as there was a huge accident above town here where trucks collided and one did not survive. 

I look out my kitchen window and notice how red the strawberry plants are and have to wonder how the poppies bloom, maybe he thought they were poppies when they were really strawberry plants.  Oh well, no matter, to day is the day we all remember the fallen, the survivors and their offspring, the legacy each one will have,   the knowledge that our worst fears  by war happening again is already realized in other parts of the world.  it will happen again. and this time we have got to know that it could be the second coming of Jesus.  are we ready?   will we fight to the end and remember the many stories we hear on TV/books/stories  how people were brought thru war by angels, by kindness, by miracles, by memories, by nature , the tiny things that make us remember God is still alive thru all the torn things in this world.  We open our eyes and still see beauty!!!!!  do you see the little purple pansies in the pictures!


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Susie Jefferson said...

The weather may be yukky, but those leaves are wonderful - all the colours of autumn, and hanging on in there no matter what. Happy Pink Saturday!

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