Pink Saturday

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Colors and happenings

its the end of October and sabbath is here, i have the grandkids for the weekend and we are doing lots of things, we collected leaves, made cookies, made cards, colored masks and pictures, Rhys already stood in the corner because he was screaming,  it would have been easier to put the paper in the garbage but instead he took the long way around.  i guess that is a boys prerogative!!!!    we also ran around the house five times and today we will run around again.  
Bus here are some other pinks too, hope you enjoy the fall colors...........and rosehips, we have so many this year...........

our princess and of course the prince in waiting too is making cookies and you can see they are wearing grandmas aprons,   she has her pink princess dress on, which is the favorite of everyday and all hours,  hope you notice the pink butterfly cookie cutter too!!!!!
HAPPY PINK SATURDAY AND  keep posted, i will have a delectable recipe posted for you later as we come back from a walk.....thank you!!!!!


Lui said...

I love how you celebrate it.
I'm sure everyone had a grand time!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog. What a nice blog you have, love your banner picture of pink curtains. I love poetry and am going to print out your Robert Lewis Stevenson poem you published a few posts back.

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