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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Garden Green Pea Souffle

This turned out amazingly good!   At first i thought it was very basic as it has everything that was in the fridge and not really measured as I find that a difficult thing to do...but here goes and you may want to do some adjustments yourself.......

2 1/2 cups cooked fresh or frozen garden peas~ some will be blended and some you will save for decoration
1       cup of cooked red quinoa/cous cous ~ i used a mixture

In the blender--

2 extra large egg
about a quarter brick of medium tofu
one clove garlic
2 large tbsp chopped onion
oh! yes and a squeeze or two of lemon
a bit of dill
salt and pepper
about a quarter cup of pistachio

blend this and add some peas and blend again so that it has small chunks still, pour into quinoa mixture and then into  a buttered bowl ~ you can either bake this or i just put it in the microwave for three minutes because there was just me.
decorate with our favorite mayo, ginger, slice of strawberry and a sprig of dill with the rest of the peas around and anything else you would is good with salsa too

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Bobbi Jo said...

This looks & sound good. It is very pretty. That is the first thing if it is appealing to the eye the mouth isn't far behind.
I wanted to let you know I posted about Cranial Sacral Therapy today per your request. Hope you will come by and read it and leave me any comments or questions.
I love your blog by the way. Beautiful, fun to read and look at. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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