Pink Saturday

Friday, February 5, 2010

Twin sister for Pink saturday

Looking back into all my pictures and things of  my first grand daughter, who you can tell is four here, well she has grown up and changed a lot in the last three years, i made a cake with a decorated barbie doll.  She could barely touch the cake for fear of ruining it.  i should have made two !!!!  one to eat and one to look at!!!!

this is one of her favorite foods---sushi

we all---her mom, and me and her daughter  love flowers and pink.  her mom is actually  is learning to like pink also.!!!

Thought for today::  there was this fellow who just installed a GPS in his car.  wanting to get out of a particularily desperate situation he listened to what it was saying but kept getting lost.  The GPS would say Ok! you went too far, or turn back, lets try again, i will help you find the way, lets do it this way.  Several times this happened until finally he reached his destination.

God's book the bible is our GPS!  leading us, helping us find the way,  always telling us ahead of time events that are going to happen before they take place so that we will be saved.  He sent Noah, Jeremiah and Jonah, and other prophets to warn the people that if they did not return to the Lord, their life would end or become lost as the man with the GPS.    Did they listen, will we listen to the Word or the still small Voice?
That is such a comfort to me as the end of the world is coming, and also thru daily life, that he will lead me,  because He will let me know by signs and events how close this time is getting.  He will send His angels charge over me to keep me.  Praise the Lord!  Happy Sabbath to all.  may the pink things you see bless you also!!!



Gracie Jewellery said...

I remember cakes like that. Very nice post, thank you. Happy Pink Saturday.Please don't forget to visit me. It will be your only chance to enter my giveaway.

WhineNRoses said...

What a beautiful post!!!
You have avery lovely blog that touches the soul!!!
Love the name of your blog too!!!

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