Pink Saturday

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A pink spoon

 here is a really good vegetarian recipe, mix all ingredients together in processor or just mash beans and mix the rest together as chunks.  Make sure to roll the patties in extra bread crumbs and fry in oil or bake till heated thru.

this has been some kind of week giving a presentation on breathing that is so involved, and really so much more to know than i have learned, but good experience as a starter.  in essence the power of carbon dioxide in the body is amazing with the art of breathing thru your nose.  anything else will not work.  the health of the body along with proper diet and exercise will extend the life to medical freedom.

I have been studying the book of Daniel, chapter 11, a very long and prophetic chapter that describes the wars and conquests and alliances of the kings of the south and north, who fought with the Israelite~God's chosen people in the middle.  They were buffeted from one side of the nations to the other.
the kings represent the devil, fighting to destroy the remnant of Gods people
There is a story of a father who was reading a book.  He was complaining about the contents and saying the story was not going well...his daughter picked up the book and started reading and finally said, "Don't worry father everything turns out okay!"  how did you know???  Well she said i read the end!!
The end of this world is coming and it is told about in the Bible, Daniel 12:1, and Michael shall stand every word of the book, He says he will come and be our God, He will take us to heaven if we believe and stay faithful.. He will win!  He will win!
That gives me HOPE.

and we should end with a PINK spoon!


Anonymous said...

I didn't understand the concluding part of your article, could you please explain it more?

Thru Pink Curtains said...

If you click on the link Daniel, chapter 11, you will find a very good translation of the chapter verse by verse.
But looking at it globaly, you can see the countries on either side of the Israelite nation fighting for supremacy for one reason or the other--for pride, for indulgence in their whims everything that stands for what the devil is---and so the kings of the south and north represent the struggle that is going on in our hearts/lives.
this is also a prohetic chapter told long before it happened-it includes the French Revolution and the Reformation, the rise of paganism to Popery finall to the end of the word when JESUS WILL COME.
No matter what evil the world goes thru, there is an end to evil, people die and live to tell the story of God's word, and the people will see on the link and read it over a few times and pray for wisdom to see truth....hope this helps it is a very great study

Meg said...

Something to jump up and down about for sure!!! He wins in the end and we are part of that glorious kingdom Hallelujah!!!!! Great study. Meg

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