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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Keeping busy

I am so excited~ today there were two Flickers furiously hunting for worms. Isn't he pretty or should I say handsome. His partner was around also.

I have been doing some mini scrapbooking , all these little squares with bible verses on them are going to be put on a ring and then I will see if I can give it away to someone.

This was my mothers old blender- an old Waring, when my Oster broke down this one came out of the bottom drawer. It workd perfectly and blends smoothies really well. It even has a crack at the base and still works.
I have been eating raw food for a year now and lost about 60 pounds and with winter here and not working don't ask how much weight has come back on!!!! But I love eating raw and with summer coming and gardening i shall lose it again-15lbs. Here is something i made up the other day ! instead of cheese slice zucchini very thin, salt with sea salt, put thinly slices tomatoes on top and you can put some tofu cream cheese on it too with other stuff and roll it all on a romaine leaf. Very Good!

Here is a really good smoothie recipe which you can warm up at low temp on the stove. 3-4 celery stalks
1/2 avacado
2 green onions
1 small zucchini
1 med artichike
handful of parsley (and cilantro if you like it)
1 small tomato
1 tbsp miso and tahini
2 cups water
Put all in blender and there you have a pretty smoothie. I added spinach too.

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Carrie said...

Nice reading your posts. i posted my show and tell on Friday, but since it was nearly sundown, i forgot to do the link or to let Kelli know.
Nice to meet another blogger who loves Sabbath.
Carrie - Oak Rise Cottage

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happy new year

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