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Saturday, July 30, 2011


well i guess i am too early for this but i will keep adding to it lol so keep posted.............

Blessing after Blessing
my life has been one continual blessing
as i look back over the years, yes i have been thru divorce, never remarried although i tried, went on singles but God did not provide that blessin for me. 
throughout the uears He has given me a way to provide for my family, keeping them fed, providing a wonderful piece of property, that grew beautiful pink flowers of every shape and form, the picture below is a small portion of it, school close by, a church family,

wonderful country setting town, angels have surrounded us on every hand, now my children are grown up, healthy, making their own choices and having the Lord in thier lives.  Their children are blessed with each other.  it has not been easy but God is with us and what more could anyone wish for!!!  He is a great God.

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LV said...

When it becomes necessary, we tend to find the strength we need to keep going. You have done well.

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happy new year

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