Pink Saturday

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pink Ladies

This is the last PINK poppy that will bloom also this year, it has survived the frost so we shall see in th next couple of days whether it full blooms or not.
Shopping at Safeway with my two granddaughters, Josie on the right who just moved with her mom Jaimie to live with me for a while until her job is secured, and Taegan on the left and her mom is Clarisa who lives not far away--about an hour. She has spent the night a couple of times since Jaimie has come. The cousins as they are happy to call each other get along famously..
Digging potatoes with Jaimie.
my pinkish geraniums still blooming.........
and Taegan wearing Josie's princess dress. They both love pink and ove to dress up....real girls!!
and the last rose in the garden that will bloom.



Happy Pink Saturday!

The cutes PINK post! Adorable little ones wearing PINK, love your post!

~ Gabriela ~

Sweetie said...

I especially like the post of Taegan wearing Josie's princess dress. It is wonderful for cousins to be close to each other.

Dawn said...

Two girls that are lucky. Happy Pink!

Cookie Sunshine said...

I can't decide if I like the Safeway picture or the princess picture best. They are both precious. Happy Saturday

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Bev.

Your geraniums still look fantastic. Mine have started to fade.

How wonderful having two pink princesses of your very own.

Katie said...

How sweet! You must be enjoying your new "visitors" so to speak! Happy Pink Saturday!

KatCollects said...

Your grandaughters are adorable, very preciuous memories : ) Hope your Saturday was a great one!

Abuela Beauty said...

Hola Bev!
Nothing better than spent time with granddaughters!! I love mine too!! And enjoy a lot when she is here!!
Happy Pink Saturday!!
Besitos from Argentina!!

Pink Slippers said...

Happy belated PINK Saturday. Wendy

Margie said...

Lovely *pink* flowers and adorable little girls dressed in *pink*!

Margie :)

Anonymous said...


Come over to my post for Pink Sat. and check out the winners from my drawing!!!!!

LOVE your sweet little gals in PINK!!!


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