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Monday, September 1, 2008


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zachariah 13:9 this verse says that God will put us thru the fire to refine and try us but in the end we will come out as gold. We will call upon the name of God and He promses to hear us--I will say, It is my people! we shall be rescued and we shall say It is my Lord and God
Wonderful thing the promises of God!
take heart people in your troubleous times!!!!!


Charlotte said...

Such a reassuring scripture. Too many times when trouble comes people think God doesn't know or care. They need to consider this scripture. It has meant a lot to me through the years.
Glad you got a new computer. It's amazing how we get so addicted to them.

kadezmom said...


thanks for sharing that. I just sat back, sighed and smiled. No worries (for at least 10 more seconds!)

Thanks for sharing those beautiful pink roses through the pink curtains!

Have a great week

CIELO said...

Thank YOU for reminding us of God's protection.... so reasuring post.... and by the way, your beautiful window on your blog banner inspired me to do something: The House in the Roses is having a Window Party this Friday, and wish you could participate.... You have to show us that gorgeous window of yours!! :) The party promises to be fun! come see! Hope you can participate


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happy new year

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