Pink Saturday

Friday, January 6, 2012

and all things PINK!!!

THIS is probably a strange thing to talk about on Pink Saturday, but everything goes eh!!!!  we have some friends this weekend that have died and so their funeral is being held this Saturday.  They were an older couple that had medical issues  and after a long illness finally have been given rest.  We are sad to see them go but glad that as someday they will see Jesus raise them and meet Him when He comes to takes us to heaven.  Death is but a sleep!
i have always been so squimish about death and dreaded the thought of bugs eating me and being covered with six feet of dirt and felt sorry for the people buried in the cemetary.  What could be better???......cremation.....oh i don't know!   UNTIL  i went shopping for caskets with my friend one day and i saw a PINK casket!  It had frills and lace and pillows and even a pink blanket.  i remember the relief that came over me suddenly i did not mind any more  lol lol
Is that crazy or what.....anyway i still would not dying in a cloud of pink.

PS.  yes that is the most important legacy is that their heart is with God and they will be ready to meet their Friend and yes i agree it might be better just to keep it between me and God about the color, i don't know but perhaps a blanket could be thrown across it if it offends anyone hahahha,  this one might be for a child but i did see an adult coffer as well!!!!  thank you so much for leaving me comments, i am glad if even this caused a smile!!!!

OH another PS.  i would like to be buried  in one of my mothers old fashioned ruffled, beribboned pink and white rosed nighties,,   hahahha  but if the men are present and are embarrassed then they only need to look from the head up hahah  God will change my clothes into more perfect ones later!!!!   

and here is the purse i want to carry my Bible in, and a doll, and my mothers crystal dish....really do i need anything else lol!!! oh some lipstick that tastes like cotton candy.


Gail said...

We've had 2 deaths in our family just in past 3 days and my uncle is soon to be receiving his heavenly reward. So we've had a grief-filled week. But honestly, the best "thing" , inheritance so to speak, one can give ones family will the full knowledge that one has accepted G-d and all His love and salvation means on this life and the next.

Simply Debbie said...

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy 2012.
The beautiful coffer looks like it is for a small child...however I too would love to take my resting place in it. My only daughter died in 2009...her coffer was white, inside and out but pink butterflies were placed in the lid.
Her best friends' coffer was pink outside and inside.
I just don't know how people make it without Jesus.
Your purse is very pretty. I like the unusual shape.
have a beautiful Pink Saturday

Denise said...

Well, You made me laugh and I kind of agree with you,maybe HEHE.I'm not sure I would want to be carried out of the church in that and sat on the grass for all my family to say:Oh My! Look what Denise picked out!But If it was just me and The Lord then O.K.Loved visiting with you for the first time ,by the way-Blessings Denise

Loretta said...

Wow, that is a gorgeous casket!
I believe I will copy it and keep it in my files.
Will you be buried in your PJ's or your nightie?
That's what I'd for sure like to be buried in!
Happy Pink Day!

chubskulit said...

Oh the joy of visiting blogs on weekend, everything you see is gorgeous and sweet. I love it!

Come see my PINK, when you get a chance. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

That's some pink photo of that casket that you chose to link w/the other day! I don't remember seeing it Saturday or Sunday. I was just stopping by Beverly's Pink Sat again, mostly to try using my open ID w/some new changes (technical that I only understand to a certain degree, but will try). What a conversation you had with yourself and readers in this post! I enjoyed it - I mean the reflections. I'm sorry to hear that your friends have passed on - but knowing how happily some folks (who are older and ill) are to move on towards heaven, it is a blessing for them. I'm still smiling, as I look behind the right shoulder of this comment box and see your purse and think of your post. I know people who are absolutely convinced of burial or cremation. I just hope the rapture grabs me out, then I don't have to decide . . . er, uh, think about it in the meantime? I'm nodding my head and smiling. Thank you for your post. No, here comes my "Choose an identity" to see if it's easier with changes I made. ?? Jenn

Anonymous said...

PS - not that you'll be able to tell, but it was easier for me to use my OpenID w/the modifications I did in the techie world that I don't understand. :/ Yay! :) Jenn

1CardCreator said...

Thanks for sharing your Pink. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Diane

JenGrenko said...

About twenty years ago, I was working at Victoria's Secret. A family came in to find some beautiful pajamas to bury their mother in. We found some, cream satin with pink appliques. I think they were lined. I think I would be happiest in my jammies when the time comes too. I sure love my pj's. You just have to remember to tell your loved ones what you want... We buried my mother in a beautiful dressy embroidered sweater and slacks. It was the last outfit she had dressed up in that I could remember and she looked so pretty that night. I wanted to remember her that way so I found the outfit.

Valrie said...

I can help you with the lipstick just visit my PINK BUBBLE! Love that you too are a CHRISTIAN!


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