Pink Saturday

Saturday, December 24, 2011


WOW! it is here again! only two more days or one by the time i get this three oldest kids have their birthday on the 25th. Only one is close though so I will make her a Chocolate Caramel cake with vanilla pudding in the middle and whipping cream icing with old fashioned roses for decoration.  i am just about ready.....have to wrap the presents yet! bought one daughter brand new sheets, the other is getting a church cookie jar!  i have always wanted a cookie jar and now that no one is home it remains empty so maybe she will keep it full!   the boys are so far away, i wish they were here too.  I made a big pot of beans and a sweet onion and cranberry cheesecake with sage and garlic.  it is sort of like a quiche.  

The time is here! I wonder what Mary did in preparation for the big trip--on a donkey !!, did she gather some figs to nibble on, where did she get the blanket He would be wrapped in? did Joseph cut the cord as some fathers do today>Did He cry right away?  No one was prepared for the King in those days and now we have a whole year and still there are many last minute things to do,
I made one of these tonite, it turned out so well..........................the ladies did not have Martha Stewart in those days but if they did would they have chosen this gift wrapped package....
or the Shepherds-what would they have wrapped it in............

or the Wise Men....
 whatever the Gift, however it was wrapped, God accepted, even the gift of a humble heart that believed on Him! Even the gift of our voices as we sing the praises of the birth and glory of Jesus.

May each one have a Wonderful Christmas day and the Blessing of Christ be upon each one.


Nicole Blean said...

What a sweet post! Merry Christmas and happy PS! Come visit my daughter and I baking gingersnap cookies.

Michele said...

what a beautiful post! happy pink saturday and wishing you a blessed Christmas! xo

Terry said...

What a beautiful post!
Are your children triplets?
I have quadruplets.

thru pink curtains said...

first was a daughter, two years later twin sons on christmas day!! don't you love multiples!

Lorraine said...

Love the TP roll flowers! Happy and blessed New Year! HPS!

happy birthday

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happy new year

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