Pink Saturday

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Figs and pink sand

How can two birds be so lovely~these are pics from my cousin who lives in Australia, Well happy PINK SATURDAY to all who read this post.  events of the summer have been very eventful for our families.  We have lost most of the members of the otherside of the name i used to carry, in other words my childrens father, uncle and grandfather have all passed away with in six months of each other, my daughter and I have had our summer romances ,  and my other daughter has moved into a new house, my son and his wife came over from Bolivia who i probable will not be able to see because  we do not have the finances,  but we talk on skype and the phone alot. and fall has finally arrived with snow on the mountain and fall colore settling in.  the garden  is mostly in and the mice are hungry and withstanding all pest controls,  there is a big hole in my trailer to fix and the propane heater for the long winter under the trailer is ready.    my life does sound rather predicatble now doesn't it. 
Except for PINK SATURDAY , we have all the exciting things to look at and be thankful for,

this was such a pretty pink and pretty wedding party i had to include it also here
The foggy salmon colored smoke of the summer clouded the skies,

i loved this beach also , the sand looks a soft pink
and lastly is food, a FIG, that perhaps could use a bit of imagination to wonder where the pink is, but does it not make your mouth water.

have a good weekend everyone!


Nancy said...

Stunning bride! from a PS friend.

Marie Arden said...

Love the birds. I have 2 pink Bourke's parakeets from Australia.
Happy Pink Saturday!My blog is about living the pink life.
I'll be back.
Marie Arden Pink Living

Jean said...

Lovely post. So sorry about the losses. Have a wonderful week. :)

Queen of Dreamsz said...

I love the pink birds and I love figs too!

Happy {pink} day,
Stephanie ♥

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