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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Granite Walls


O rock that’s washed from waters old
Rock that is barren from the sand
O Rock, Thou that left seeds of faith in me
Rock that is solid ground for me

Rock of Ages, wash me once again
Rivers of Noah’s waters flow over
Seeds of faith in granite grain

Wonder of wonders O barren land
You laid lush the sand doesn’t know
And gold the flow in granite veins
Layers of secret messages stir
Compel my soul the waters flow

While the ages wonder till mysteries are revealed
Monuments of truth became one with me
As heavens windows open
Fair Jesus, you’ll come for me

O rock you carried the weight of the world
as the risen Savior
Who carried my weight on granite shoulders
Wash me once again

Cover me white like snow
Made the streams to flow again
Water for my soul, water for my life
Jesus, living water, You are more than snow.

this poem means more to me than any other poem i  have written...let me tell you the story....

one day as i was travelling to alberta in the middle of winter, Christmas time in fact, going to Calgary to see my kids, sitting alone on a bus seat and wondering what on earth i was doing on a bus but thankful i was not in my car, wondering where God was and who was God, but thankful for the privilege of looking out the window when not concentrating on driving.  The scenery was absolutely tremendous going thru Jasper and looking at the mountains, the waves in the rocks, the layers, at the bottom the sand that had fallen from the wind blown rocks, suddenly there were trees and suddenly there was bare land.  Beneath the land was water.  Suddenly I realized that our land holds treasures also of a flood, and people are looking today for truth and onl Jesus can show me the way.....

do you believe the bible is true, do you believe in Jesus Christ as the Creator, do you believe He layered the rocks by a flood and hid within its rocks fossils, scrolls, gold and pearls, human writings and remains that tell the story which belongd over 2000 years ago which sometimes we wonder at today.

do you believe in the prophecies which says cities will be desolate---babylon in iraq-desolate, tyre and sidon that became a place for fish nets,  Cyrus was named in the bible 100 years before he was born  Isaiah 44  he allowed the Jewish captives to go free after capturing Babylon, , the story of Joseph that explains the seven lean and fat years, he wrote on the walls himself,  the dead sea scrolls that give accurate word for word accounts of the holy word,   King Sihon ~who people say never existed and human hands from written words has acounted for the very king,  the lion with wings that is in a museum in England that is from the palaces of Nebuchanezzar,  they say he never  built the palaces and thru the writing on the stones he says  the city I have built.!  the city of Petra -- buried from humaity for over 500 years--was predicted from the bible that it would be empty of any human soul---can you doubt the bible????

Jesus, who gave me these words to write on a scribbled back of a recept from Safeway in about 10 minutes, the words tumbled out, put an excitement in my heart as i feel now even thinking and writing about that moment 10 years ago.

Jesus, who preserved this knowedge of ancient times for me, who returns the cycle of life, the stars implanted in the sky bears testimony of a Creator, who carried my sins on his shoulders to the cross, who promised my sins would be white as snow,  the frozen waters lay there waiting in time and i sat there,  i longed for the melted water to cover me again  with his love, tears filled my eyes.

Jesus, said the windows of heaven would open, yes, they poured out revelation for me and i saw the whole world pass before me.  I long  for each one who reads this that you would believe in Jesus and no matter what you are going thru to ask Him to be by your side.  I will always have problems but i will always know that Jsus is sitting beside me and helping me and keeping me company.  i will always believe that the Bible is true.

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Dianne said...

I am almostspeechless! One of my longings for 2010 is to write creatively again--to have the anointing of God where the words do tumble out and one can't write fast enough.

You have inspired me to seek after that anointing once again--monuments of truth--granite shoulders--my mind is boggled trying to absorb the enormity of what you have written.

Thank you so much. Dianne

Lisa notes... said...

What a precious gift God gave to you in that moment. Thank you for your faithfulness in sharing it with us today.

Angie said...

TRULY BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank You so much for sharing this with us. God has given you a wonderful gift!!

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