Pink Saturday

Friday, September 18, 2009

Value Village

Feliz Sabado, happy sabbath, and a pink one at that!!!

just returned from prince george with my daughter and her daughter. it is a five hour drive one way. my daughter had to have a ct scan as she was blacking out all the time and getting head aches. in a few days we will now the results.
in the meantime , as the scan only took three minutes, we did some shopping at value village and the craft stores, spent way too much money, but it sure was fun, this vw was the best thing we saw on the way. i just loved it....someone must have used it for a parade or something and then put it here under the welcome sign to the town. but there is a layer of dirt all over the car and then som moss of some sort and then some meshing to hold things in place and as you can see they planted flowers. good!!
look what i found at value village..................pretty candlestick holders, a couple of scrapbooks and a cute tin candle holder..... the scredrive i bought at home hardware because it was.................PINK!!!

because it is saturday i will leave you with a few thoughts in jeremiah 15..........................

(Jer 15:18) Why do I keep on suffering? Why are my wounds incurable? Why won't they heal? Do you intend to disappoint me like a stream that goes dry in the summer?"

(Jer 15:19)

To this the LORD replied, "If you return, I will take you back, and you will be my servant again. If instead of talking nonsense you proclaim a worthwhile message, you will be my prophet again. The people will come back to you, and you will not need to go to them.

(Jer 15:20)

I will make you like a solid bronze wall as far as they are concerned. They will fight against you, but they will not defeat you. I will be with you to protect you and keep you safe.

(Jer 15:21)

I will rescue you from the power of wicked and violent people. I, the LORD, have spoken."

a lot of the time we wonder why trouble comes to us when we do our best to be good citizens, be friends with our neighbors and good to our kids, eat right etc....and then we cry to God, why is this happening. There may be things and reasons in our lives that need changing. if our self esteem is not where it could be, try remembering that God said I will, throughout the whole bible. if you come back to me, do my will, i will bring you back to me. it does not matter what we have done in the past, he says i will be with you

well to me that says everything, because he has forgiven my sins and is just waiting for me to give the word and he will be right there to help me sort my life out. it is better with God in my life. life will be sweeter with him in it.

happy sabbath................


Liz said...

What a great way to re-cycle an old car. Thank you for sharing it this week.

Happy Pink Saturday :)

Beansieleigh said...

Good Morning Bev! Love all the sweet pink treasures you've found! and the message you share today is wonderful! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you have a wonderful weekend! ~tina

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