Pink Saturday

Friday, July 17, 2009


Good morning 'all. This is what i call sleeping in!!!............getting up at 7:30am. hahhaha. NOW I am up and I can write a few words to these pictures.
These are the Pink potholders that my mom had made. Actually she made a few dozen of them. I am beginning to realize what a patient person she was thru her married life with us kids and then thru her illness at her last days. She was not in good shape in the end, full of morphine and yet she could smile thru the whole thing and not a complaint was heard. I shall link here to a page for this day if you care to read about our family ----family letter----

y This is how the day started this morning and by the late afternon we had a terrific rainstorm, It just pelted down and was almost white. Amazing....

Playboy Roses that are more orange than pink, but some are pink, my bush really flourished again this year.....

Lillies ----a beautiful pink.....

Timeless PINK in different shades, such beauty and fun and personalities. And the Father in heaven made them all in one day. And in one day He made man/woman, the next day he had to rest!!!! And one day He will come again and give us rest! There are no words of comfort, for in the end it will be heart wrenching, as in death, the loss of a loved one, BUT, we are given the promise that there will be no death, we will be rich like Jesus, we will sit on the throne beside him, wonderful promises in this chapter of His own words........Revelation 3

Recipies----have you heard of Pink Lady Apples!!!!! here is a website with apple recipies. this one sounds interesting and for you who are raw foodists i am sure a raw version could be whipped up in the blender......lets see....what can we do.....

place some celery and apple in the juicer...................hummmm....smells good......add some soymilk and a dash of chicken like seasoning, a little salt and pepper. Blend it. add sliced celery apples and thyme for decoration. Oil???? maybe olive oil!!! and maybe lemon. tomato on the side.

Well i am gong to try this it sounds strange but good----here is the page


Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

What special potholders! I did read your mom's story. You were so lucky to have her. Happy Pink Saturday!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Bev, How sweet of you to share your story with us. Your Mother was amazing. Those potholders are fabulous! So special that they were made by your Mother's lovling hands!


Riet said...

What a lovely story. I love your potholders. Happy pink Saturday

Terri Morse said...

Your pink and white lillies are lovely. Lillies are one of my favorite flowers. Happy Pink Saturday! Hopefully, I can participate next week for the first time.

♥Mimi♥ said...

Lovely! Thanks so much for such a lovely post today. Cold and windy and a little rainy here today. I truly needed a little lift☺

I'm gonna have to find me some of those apples!

♥Have a terrific Pink Saturday♥

Wishing you and all those you love the best of weekends.

SmilingSally said...

The potholders are a sweet gift from your mom.

I love those apples! Happy Pink Saturday!

CC said...

Such wonderful potholders, and so special they were made by your mother.
Happy Pinks and have a lovely weekend..

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Thanks for sharing Bev. Sweet post. Happy Pink Saturday, and I love the pics. Please pop over and say hi. I would love to have you visit. Country Hugs, Sherry

Becky said...

There is absolutely no one like a mom. Miss mine. Still have a tee shirt of hers that I put on when I want to feel her close.

paintinpatti said...

Lovely pictures - the rain makes me yearn for a cooler climate as it was 117 last time we checked the thermometer. Way too hot! I am going into the kitchen right now to put an apple and a piece of celery in the blendtec. I just started doing some raw foods - I am loving it! Pink Hugs, Patti

Mary said...

Lovely story, very special pink potholders.
Thank you for sharing.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Mary :)

lisa said...

Bev ~

Your mom was an amazing women, thanks for sharing your family. The kids playing in the mud puddle made me laugh outloud and reminded me of my two girls who loved to do the same thing.


CraftyMammie said...

i love potholders. yours are really lovely and special because they were made by your mom. i read her story and it got me teary eyed. lost my mom too several years ago and reading stories like this makes me miss her more.{{hugs}}

someplace in thyme said...

I don't think I have ever seen a playboy rose, but I love it. The color is perfect for me and the petal count is low. Very pretty and I love the potholders too. you can't be a memory like that. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Mary said...

I love the pinks you chose to share with us. I loved your story and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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