Pink Saturday

Saturday, April 18, 2009

pink saturday

Hello everone and good morning!

Again this week has been so busy, travelling back and forth from one town to the home base and late evenings--you know the excuses!!!! BUT I do have a pink thing to tell you about---i am reallly excited about getting a small tool kit that has pink flowers all over it, actually you can see it online, just type in ladies floral tool kit.

I am a day late with the pictures~~~here is my story~~~~i went to town on Friday to pick up my children and put a bid on a trailer, which i really hope we get, won't find out till tomorrow, and pick out some new Kenmore appliances from Sears~~~this was exciting, we just put a hold on them, then we went to a garage sale and bought some hammers, a ladder and a trampoline and as you see our car was pretty loaded with people, bunnies and things.

Well! to day is Sabbath, we went to church, took the bunnies so all the kids could see them, Josie dressed them all us in dresses!!! came home had lunch and later on went for a drive in the country. It was a full day and Josie was wiped out at the end of it. HERE IS WHAT WE SAW......
four flocks of geese, there were sandhill cranes circling above our heads at one point too..........

PINK CARS.......!!!! way in the middle of the bush......
by the river a lumber truck had capsized in the middle of winter and with the spring thaws here is what the melted snows revealed & left behind......lots of lumber there....we were wishing we had a truck....

isn't this tree unique!
HappY Pink Sabbath
and this was a nice way to end the day with a beautiful tree...Special thoughts of God and all the beautiful things he has provided so that
we can have life and have it more abundantly. john 10:10
here is a website where you can contemplate on the wonderful bounties He has put in our care. Click on the word below.


Creative Vignettes said...

I'm off to look for the tool kit!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Claudia said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Pink Sabbath to you, too.

I'm sharing pink garden tools today. It seems like we'll both be working with pink.

Anonymous said...

A pink polka dot tool kit? NEAT!
I love the music on your blog!
Happy Pink!

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